The Purpose

of Art.

There are two major relationships that encompass our interaction with art.  One being the buying of art based on preferences, likes or attractions at any given moment, while the other (collecting art) is more of a financial long-term commitment.  In both cases, you buy what you like, but if your goal is to collect art and do it right, click the link below.

The link above will provide you with the ins and outs of collecting art like a pro.  It will cover the pros and cons of the art business including the documentation and "history" of pieces that are to be sold by consultants.

Here at the Baylor Gallery we look to provide fresh pieces that have a direct correlation to our clients.  Encouraging clients to go big and bold with art that opens eyes to the views of their world and meaning, that build great conversational pieces.  Your art should not only engage your eyes but your heart as well.